Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Millions of Mosquitoes couldn’t stop us!

I met C out at her family ranch and it wasn’t long into her senior photo shoot that the mosquitoes got to the point that they almost carried us away.  But we stuck with it!   C was a pro and a good sport and we conquered those pesky bugs to come out with some great looking pictures for her.  Hope you enjoy them C!Chateau 055 copy LE 70s copyWEB Chateau 067 copy VIC copy WEB  Chateau 195 copy color burst copyWEB Chateau 101 copy WEB


Wedding photographers Glasgow said...

I like your collection of photographs. Its full of emotions. I applaud your work.

Wedding photographers Glasgow said...

My all time favorite picture is of the couple on the little walk way/bridge with the fish eye lens. It just amazingly captures God’s beauty of life. Thanks for sharing!

Glasgow Wedding Photographer said...

You`ve got the light balance amazingly again, it looks just perfect