Friday, January 29, 2010

Fix it Friday #42

 42 42 copy

At I Heart Faces this week they suggested adding textures to the photo.  Using CS4 I’ve added 3 different textures, experimenting with different blending modes masking off her face with about 80% opacity brush.  A little color burst on the coat, some sharpening, a crop and there ya have it.  This isn’t my usual style for editing but I enjoyed going a different route this time, it’s  a bit whimsical I thought. 



Misty Wallace said...

Beautiful!! I love what you have done!

Kim Perea said...

Thanks for the comment!! I love what you did with the photo!!! I gave it a try but was having trouble getting the sparkles off the did a beautiful job with it!

Drew said...

Very pretty and whimsical! I tend to go the same route with my editing, so I always enjoying it when people stretch themselves. I think you gave the photo a very magical feel.

Mariah said...

I like what you did with this! :)

The colors blend perfectly.