Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Love of Basketball | Glasgow, Montana Sports Portraits

Basketball 2 copy

Basketball 1 copy


Anonymous said...

Wow-I am duly impressed! the shadowing really sets these off! Of course the subject matter is awesome as usual!


Cy said...

Wow! You might experiment with a second flash on the other side at least twice as far away as the primary flash. It will provide a slight fill that will highlight the unlighted side just a bit. Then play with the distance of the second light until you get a soft look with lighting all around. I have seen some absolutely fabulous pix that were lit from just one side, however.

Keep experimenting and your images will become even more valuable.


Cy said...

You might also try some shots with no background lighting. That would be incredibly dramatic...


carrielt said...

Carin you know my passion is basketball so this picture is my favorite!