Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Larsen's~ Glasgow Montana Photographer

This is such an incredible family. They are wonderful parents and have been such good friends to us and so supportive. Our boys are great friends in school and my son has already expressed his sadness that he will not be here with his friend when we move. Thank you so much for your friendship and thank you for the opportunity to take your photos.


Kristen said...

awe...how sweet...beautiful family, and beautiful pictures

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I really like the one of them looking out over the water. Great job once again although it looks like you had great subject matter! Myrna

Anonymous said...

simply awesome! (as usual) and I do agree with Myrna, you had great subject matter. Are you sure that you don't want a little girl?????

Don't get any ideas, I was------